Camfrog Pro Code

Camfrog Pro Code

My search results on the Internet for camfrog pro code was produced, but can not be used.
Each time you log in with the camfrog pro code , server will detect the serial number or activation code which you use.

How do I use camfrog pro code without detected by the server?
Following the steps
1. Open camfrog 5.1 that you have downloaded and installed.
2. Login to camfrog server with your username and password.
3. Open registry editor / regedit from the Start menu> Run type regedit and press enter or press the shortcut win + r and type regedit in the textbox and press enter.

Camfrog Pro Code

4. After the regedit window appears, find folder registry HKEY_CURRENT_USER> Software> Camfrog> Server> Client> CurrentVersion> ProfileInfo
Double click ActivationData and enter the serial number.

Sample serial number:

5. Rename ActivationData become ActivationData1
6. Entered room and Rename ActivationData1 become Activation, and you ready to used camfrog pro code.

Nb: This tips only work to enabled zoom user cam, not for multiple video, if you want change room Repeat step 5 and 6.

Good luck.....
Camfrog Pro Code

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